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True Blood Review

HBO started airing the new series called True Blood, which is based on the amazing Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

Episode one ended much too quickly! I’m quite upset about just how little can be conveyed in a one hour episode. Other than that I thought the episode went well. Of course it’s HBO so they lingered on the sex scenes a little. The Maudette murder was the main topic of the episode, besides the fact that vampire newcomer, Bill Compton, has rolled into to town. Sookie saves him from being bleed dry by vampire blood theifts.

Episode two left right off where episode one did. Sookie was being beaten to death by the vampire blood theifts, the Ratborns or something like that, when Bill comes to her rescue. But he doesn’t get there quite in time to save Sookie from a near deadly encounter. He’s forced to give her some of his blood to help her heal. They hit it off a little with her asking him if he’d come meet her grandmother. That was interesting. Of course Sookie’s brother, Jason, isn’t too fond of a vampire interested in his sister. But Sookie handles herself just fine. The episode ends with Sookie arriving at Bill’s home to give him a list of electricions when the door is answered by three other vampires, one of which is responsible for Maudette’s death.

They do an excellent job of closing the episodes on a cliffhanger ensuring that the viewers come back next week to find out what happens. I’m really getting into the show now. As I stated it seemed to take at least these two episodes to get “into” and understand what the show is going to be about. Since I’ve read all the books I know what’s going to happen and I’m exicted to see it all play out. The actors are doing great. Tara is probably my favorite character. I don’t remember her being so feisty in the book but it’s refreshing!

Looking forward to the next episode this Sunday.

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