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The Nymph King (Atlantis, Book 3) by Gena Showalter

Another amazing Gena book!!!!
She is just an amazing writer. She makes them interesting, spicy, romantic, spicy, and just too sweet! And did I mention spicy?

This book was anything but lacking spicyness! How could it not with the title: The Nymph King!

So, Valerian is the Nymph King. In the previous Atlantis book, Jewel of Atlantis, you get a glimpse that one of the dragon palaces has been taken over by nymphs. Valerian wants to have somewhere to call home so he takes the palace for himself and his men. His women will be coming soon….or so he thought. With no women to keep the nymphs strong and able he resorts to traveling through the portal to the forbidden surface!

Shaye is attending her mother’s, what 6th?, wedding when all of a sudden amazingly hot guys start walking out of the ocean. Her mom promptly starts drooling asking them to touch her and Shaye is just like GTFO! Valerian is instantaneously attracted to Shaye.

The men walk away back to Atlantis with a dozen or so women to be picked gym class style, with a bit more scrutiny than high school though, by the men needing female companionship. Valerian does his hardest to make Shaye look totally undesireable feeding her the best way to ward off each approaching man. Why? Because he knows she is his life mate.

Of course Shaye doesn’t want anything to do with this man who awakens senses she doesn’t want to deal with. Valerian is 100% male and does his damnest to pursue Shaye’s affections. There’s a small battle between the dragons who come to take their palace back and there’s a mini-subplot between two other nymphs and a human female.

Overall? LOVED IT!!! It was a pure romantic with lots of romance.


The Nymph King

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