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Damien (The Nightwalkers, Book 4) by Jacquelyn Frank

Book number four of Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalkers series.

This one is focused on Damien the vampire Prince and Syreena the Lycanthrope Princess. They meet up at the newly found Nightwalker library. Immediately Damien insults or makes some comment towards Syreena that she decides she needs a moment outside of the library to refocus. She is attacked by the rogue demon Ruth. Ruth is still out to get revenge for her daughers death.

Damien immediately regrets the comment he has made and decides to follow Syreena out of the library leaving his second in command, Jasmine, behind without word of where he was headed. Once Damien figures out that Syreena was attacked and taken he starts tracking her to where she’s being held captive by the demon Ruth. Syreena has been nearly killed by Ruth, with large pieces of her hair missing, which to a lycantrope is the equivilant of a missing limb is deadly.

Damien swoops, or rather crashes, in to save Syreena from anymore harm. He takes her closer to the mystrail lands where he lays Syreena down. He makes the ultimate decision to feed from Syreena because she is just bleeding too much and his second bite contains a substance that coagulates, or stops, blood lose. It works but as he suspects her blood acts like a posion to him. He ends up unconscious. They are found by the mystrail Windsong.

They are cared for by Windsong. And they bond after a few heartfelt conversations. She kisses him to say thank you because that’s what Princesses do in the fairy tales….awww! Just too sweet! That’s just the beginning of their very sweet and romantic relationship. They have a lot to over come but they do it with such finesse and easy it left me envious!

A perfect couple, completely.

I was sooo thrilled with this addition to this series that I immediately started the next book of the series. I was holding off on this one until I knew I could read the next one, which is the story of Noah, the demon King. (Which is so far just as amazing!!!)



Damien: The Nightwalkers
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