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I’m preparing for our beach trip today.
We leave tomorrow morning.

In preparing I scheduled my car’s state inspection for Thursday, yesterday.
I had a broken windsheild and made plans for that to be replaced the same day so it would pass inspection.

Then I got the call…..from the shop stating that there were numerous things that needed replaced to pass inspection.

Here’s a brief glimpse:
rear rotors
rear breaks (AWD FTL!)
Break fluid flush (recommended)

And then the BIGGIE:
leaking transmission fluid

My total bill is expected at $1,400!!!!
I also asked for an oil change, tire rotate, tire pressure fixed, tire pressure checker recalibrate.
That’s more than we budgeted for the entire beach trip!

Oh well. As I like to think it’s better done now then later when that leak could possibly been a pour and an accident waiting to happen. And the $3,000 to replace the transmission. Um, yeah, no thanks!

So, I’ll be away all next week. Probably taking my laptop but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to post. I’m taking my Kindle so there will be plenty to read! I’m excited about that. I’m also taking a big ziploc bag to prevent water/sand damage.

Have a great week!


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