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Nightwalker (Dark Days, Book 1) by Jocelynn Drake

I chose to read this book as a recommendation from Rachel Vincent.
I’m so very glad I did!

Mira is a 600+ vampire who has just meet Danaus, a vampire hunter who is killing vampires in her territory. They meet, they fight, her tells her that he has a naturi, who tortured Mira, held captive in his basement. And the action doesn’t stop there! They end up joining forces to battle the waking force of the naturi that are trying to open the portal to the other dimension where their naturi queen is being held. Trying to summarize this is seeming harder than I thought!

Anyhow, it’s an amazing book full of kick ass scenes, some sexual tension (that doesn’t get resolved!!!!), and an awesome story line. Totally a series that I will be quaking to get my hands on the next book.




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