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Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega, Book 1) by Patricia Briggs

Again, I’m a HUGE fan of shape shifting books. And Patricia Briggs is just about the best author I’ve found, another fav is Rachel Vincent.

Anyhow, this is basically a series that runs along side Briggs other Mercy Thompson series. I was trying to see where the time overlaps were in this story with the Mercy series but it was hard to pin point. Samuel was basically the only character that overlapped but it was very minute to make a difference in the Mercy series.

Any how, this book was about the Marrok’s son, Charles, finding and claiming his mate, Anna. Anna was rescued from the Chicago pack where she was routinely brutalized by her pack via her Alpha’s command. Why? Because she’s an Omega and they didn’t want her to know that.

An Omega is like an Alpha. She can stand alone, not taking orders or submission from an Alpha. She holds the power to claim all weres around her; even strays.

The story centered around a Black Witch that has recked hell on the Montana pack by killing humans in the nearby forests. The deaths and disappearences have caused the Marrok to believe that they are getting too much unwanted attention from outsiders. They must send their best, Charles, out to stop the rogue that is causing the deaths before any one else is killed. Charles and Anna go together to help florish their growing relationship. Their wolves have agreed to be mates, however, Anna is still feeling the effects of her past. Once out in the wilderness in the middle of a brutal winter Charles and Anna find out that it’s not a lone rogue out killing, it’s a Black Witch, meaning an powerful, evil witch.

Will they be able to stamp out the evil witch, return unharmed, and be mated?

Loved this book! Was just awesome. Can’t wait for more Patricia Briggs novels. Bone Crossed is set to release February 3, 2009.


Cry Wolf


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