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Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville Series, Book 1) by Carrie Vaughn

Another great werewolf book! Again, I like shape shifting books lots.

This one centers around Kitty Norville. A few years back she was attacked by a werewolf and is now a werewolf who D.J.s at night. She decided to start asking paranormal questions of her listeners, which sort of branched right into “The Midnight Hour” a talk show for paranormal Q&A.

After agreeing to host the show national wide Kitty starts to get negative feedback from her pack alpha, Carl and his mate Meg. Kitty’s best friend and second in command, T.J., is also giving her some crap about it.

Not only are her pack mates upset but one night she gets a call from an assassin who has just told her that he is in the lobby on his way up to shoot her. Kitty manages to hold a very interesting conversation with Cormac the killer, finds out that the contract on her head requires that the kill be on the show. Kitty explains to Cormac that she really hasn’t done anything wrong hosting the show, and that his normal contracts are usually for rogue wolves and vampires, he agrees. They hear the cop sirens and agree to put off the killing until Cormac can be given justified evidence for her assassination. What a sweet guy!

There’s a little sexual tension going on between Kitty and Cormac. And what a name huh?! Cormac, I just love it. Cormac and Kitty end up working together to solve the mystery of why someone would want Kitty killed. The answer is pretty crappy and I’m excited to see what the second book Kitty Goes to Washington (Kitty Norville Series, Book 2) holds in store for the story.


Kitty and The Midnight Hour

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