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Looking for Alaska by John Green

This is another book I saw at Borders and the cover sucked me right in. I was grateful that it was available for the Kindle.

16 year old Miles Halter is seeking “the Great Perhaps” and in doing so he has decided to attend a private boarding school that his father attended as well. Culver Creek boarding school is located in Alabama and Miles lived in Florida.

When he arrives he moves his stuff in, decides it’s way too hot, takes a shower, and then walks out in a towel to meet his roommate Chip aka “Colonel”. Colonel decides it’s time for a cigarette so they go meet Alaska, a pretty girl with a room full of books. This grabs Miles’ attention right away because he’s a last words kind of guy.

So these three become great friends. They do homework together, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, get caught smoking, etc.

All of a sudden one night Alaska gets a phone call, runs into her room where Miles and Colonel have fallen asleep, and shouts for them to help her get out of here. She’s shitfaced drunk, they say they’ll help by distracting the Dean of the school with firecrackers. After which they return to their room to continue sleeping. Early the next morning the Dean comes to their room to ask them to come to the gym. In the gym the Dean tells the school students and staff that Alaska has passed away in a horrible car accident.

This floors Miles because that night Alaska dared him to “hook up with her”, so they kissed, she said “To be continued?” and it doesn’t help that he’s been in love with her for a while now.

This gets Miles, Colonel, and their other friend Takaumi to help them figure out just what happened to Alaska. Why did she die? How did she die? There was something deeper going on and they were going to figure it out.

An amazing book. Loved it. It was sort of like the “13 Reasons Why” book. It had such meaning and depth to it it was amazing. It wasn’t depressing as much as it was enlightening.


Looking for Alaska


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