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Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler

I picked this up at on a trip to Borders, where I read the first two chapters of Breaking Dawn, coming out in less than a month now!

Anyhow, the cover intrigued me. I’m glad I bought it but after reading it I felt empty an wondering what the heck.

The story starts with Dusty spending the evening at home alone because her dad is out on a date. Her mother doesn’t live with them any more since her older brother Josh up and disappeared.

Suddenly she receives a phone call from a boy who says “I’m dying”. He’s apparently overdosed and laying somewhere waiting to die.

I honestly can’t say any more about the plot than that. The entire book revolves around this strange, unreachable boy who wants to die. Dusty feels obligated to help because of her missing brother Josh.

This book really makes you think. It also keeps you on the seat of your chair wondering when this person will be found out. The book was wonderfully written.

P.S. – It reminded me of the movie Powder. It’s so similar to that movie I’m not even lying.


Frozen Fire

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