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Wake by Lisa McMann

I read a few reviews about this book a while back. I put it on my TBR list and decided to read it yesterday after finishing Lover Enshrined.

I’m really glad I did.
It was a perfect book.

Brief summary:
Janie gets sucked into anyone’s dream if they are sleeping and dreaming in the same room as she is. She’s safe if she’s behind a closed door. She caught her first dream at a young age of 8, I believe. Her mother is an alcoholic and she doesn’t know her father. She has a good friend next door, Carrie. Janie learns that her younger brother drowned and Carrie holds herself responsible. She is known as the poor girl at school. She’s not friends with the “north” side girls. Although Carrie is friends with one.

Janie works at a nursing home because they don’t usually sleep very well. She became good friends with one particular resident. She ends up playing a vital role in Janie’s life as a dream catcher.

Janie also becomes friends with Cabel who’s a struggling teenage boy trying to find himself. The story follows them over a few years. First Cabel helps Janie home after a homecoming dance by pushing her home on his skateboard. Then she gives him a ride to school on the first day of senior year. She notices that he’s changed a lot. He’s clean, wearing glasses, and looking really good.

They end up starting a relationship. Nothing extreme just basic boy girl friendship with a beginning of caring for each other. Until their senior trip, when Janie gets bombarded with dreams on the bus ride. Cabel stays with her, makes sure no one freaks out because she is spasming. After that trip they are forced to tell each other a bunch of personal things to each other.

They end up fighting, Cabel has a weird secretive job, which she thinks is selling/pushing drugs. Everything eventually gets handled and explained.

It was an AMAZING book. Very original and very awesome. I liked the style of writing. It wasn’t all drawn out. It was brief and to the point but NOT lacking was so ever. I’ve heard that there will be a sequel to this book. It would be pretty awesome to find out what happens next. Looks like college would be the next option for Janie and Cabel.




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