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Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6) by J.R. Ward

Man, I began this series not too long ago and hated that I ran out of available books to read!

I was sooo excited when this released!

This is Phury’s book. Phury took the task of Primale from Vichous in the last book. He now has to overcome his need for drugs and to make everyone happy. The book is pretty packed with lots of action. There’s sooo much going on that I’m actually finding it hard to pick which topic to start with.

The Lesser Society is hitting hard! They’ve infiltrated the Brotherhood in the most awesome way. But it totally sucks for the Brothers.

John Matthew is by far one of my favorite characters. He struggles so much but he overcomes so much as well. I love his story and I really can’t wait to read his book.

Zsadist and Bella struggle to have a healthy pregnancy.

Rehvenge is being a sex slave for the Princess Sympath. Oh, and kicking some Lesser ass, which was totally cool.

Phury and Cormia stuggle sooo much to have any relationship what so ever. It was actually really sad to read about them. There was soo many differences between these two and add the pressure of the Primale and the Chosen on them and it just means that they were doomed from the beginning. They end up working together to find a resolve that works for them both. It’s beautiful and amazing and I’m actually sooo happy for them.

Oh, and Tohrment is back, barely, but he’s back.

I’m soo looking forward to more!

The next book is LOVER AVENGED and it’s about Rehvenge.
Here’s a piece I found of an interview with Romance Novel TV and J.R. Ward:

J.R. Ward: Rehvenge’s LOVER AVENGED is up next! He’s a handful let me tell you and his romance is full of surprises and OMG moments… I’m just starting the drafting process now and I have a feeling he’s going to blow the doors off his binding so to speak. But honestly, would you expect anything else?
Let’s see… I’ll give you the first line how about that?
“The king must die.”

Also, there’s an Insider’s Guide being released on October 7, 2008: The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider’s Guide


Lover Enshrined


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