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Evernight by Claudia Gray

I broke down and purchased the hardback of this book.
I was waiting for ever to see if it would come available for the Kindle, but, alas, it has not. I even contacted the author and she said she’d look into it!

I got right into this book. It was pretty good up until it just assumed that the reader should have known that the main character’s, Bianca Olivier, parents are vampires. The transition was very rough and I was highly confused. Therefore, I lied to myself and said “Of course I knew they were vampires…..”

Other than that mishap the book was very good.

Bianca is nearly 17 years old. Her parents have told her that they are vampires all her life (huh? see above note) and that she is a “natural” born vampire, meaning she was born after both her parents were transformed. It’s the first day of school in the beginning of the book. The school is Evernight Academy and her parents are now teachers there. Bianca decides to leave early that first morning to make it look like she is running away to force her parents to let her go back to her home town. A few feet into the woods and Bianca feels like she’s being followed, she turns around to see a shadowed man following her, she begins to run, and the man pursues her, tackles her, and then asks her “Is someone following you?”….yeah, it’s too funny. That’s how she meets Lucas.

The school atmposphere is a typical high school with the added weirdness to the situation because of the vampires and the noticable humans that were allowed to be enrolled this year.

I’d explain the rest but it would give away too much of the story line.
I plan to read the next book Stargazer which will be released March 24, 2009.

Overall, I give this book:



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