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Stray (Werecats, Book 1) by Rachel Vincent

I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while now. And since the newest Kresley Cole book wasn’t out on Kindle on time I went ahead and devoured this book.It was very good. Again, it’s nearly identical to Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series. Faythe is a female werecat and her father, Greg, is the Alpha of the Southern territories. They live in Texas. She was in a rebel stage and managed to have her father agree for her to attend college for 5 years away from the pack. She’s running from the pack, herself, and her first love and heartbreak, Marc, who is a stray that her father took under his wing.

Anyhow, she gets summoned back home because there’s a stray going around kidnapping other female werecats. Female werecats are very limited and are looked upon as one of the most important piece to a pack. They are the ones that pass the family crown down. Whomever the female werecat marrys is who will be the next Alpha.

Her family demands that she return home so that they can protect her. She’s not looking forward to being around Marc because she is upset to be near him emotionally but is effected by him much more sexually. There’s definately a connection still there. One night after finding out that another female has been taken Faythe and Marc and a few others retire to the guest house for a few drinks. Faythe ends up drunk, sleeps with Marc, and then decides to take a stroll down to the barn, which was a very bad idea. She finds herself being taken just like the other female werecats.

I won’t say anymore about the storyline except that it is totally kickass. Faythe is a strong willed female and I totally look up to her. She knows who she is and is willing to do just about anything to make sure everyone else knows it too.

I’m already reading the second book of this series Rogue, which seems like it’s going to be just as good. Love when there’s a mystery tied in with the sexual tension of raging hormones.




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