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One Foot in the Grave (Night Huntress, Book 2) by Jeaniene Frost

What an awesome series! Love this series!
So, Cat is continuing her life now as a FBI Special Agent who heads up a team of human male soldiers bent to rid the world of evil vampires or paranormal baddies. She decided to start dating again after 4 years of being away from Bones. So in comes Noah, a geeky veterinarian that she won’t let him go past first base with.

Then all of a sudden someone leaves a bloody calling card for Cat, “here kitty kitty” and she’s on the run to find out who’s stalking her. During all of this her best friend Denise is spontaneously getting married. Cat is the maid of honor and upon walking down the aisle seeings no other than Bones as the best man. HOLY SH!T! She nearly flees the scene but remembers that this is all for Denise and she continues on. Too funny.

They end up becoming a team because Bones knows that someone is after her and he refuses to sit by and allow danger to stalk Cat. Cat is forced to train her team to learn how to catch vampires rather than kill them to offer as leverage against a vampire that wants her as a trophy, has stolen Noah, and is the holder of her father Max, whom she desperately wants to turn to ash. There’s a big display of who has power or authority over whom, at the end Bones decides to take Cat has his blood wife and she does it in return, claiming her as his in a very public manner, therefore, requiring the badass vampire to back off.

So, Cat ends up back with her love, kicks some vampire ass, OH! and gets Dave back from the dead! He’s now a ghoul like Randy. The only thing she doesn’t get is Max’s head. Guess that’ll come in the next book! Can’t wait!


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One Foot in the Grave



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