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Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series, Book 1) by Patricia Briggs

This book was recommended to me by my co-worker Eliza!
It was amazing!
Not full of the romance I’m usually reading but such an awesome read.
It was full of detail and adventure.

Mercy Thompson is a “walker”. She’s basically a shapeshifter and she turns into a coyote whenever she feels like it. She lives in Washington state next door to the Alpha male of the local werewolf pack. His name is Adam. She ends up being the mother hen to the pack after they are attacked by some unknowns and Adam’s human daughter, Jesse, is kidnapped. Mercy flees with an injured Adam to the pack that raised her because she doesn’t feel like she can trust Adam’s pack with his life. She makes a good choice if you ask me. After Adam is able to shift back to human form and healed a bit they return to their pack territory to figure out just what happened. They also bring Samuel, Mercy’s ex-boyfriend who picked her to be his mate but only because she’d be able to bear his offspring.

Overall it was just so good that I’m already reading the next book in the series. It was such an easy, relaxing, and enjoyable read I want to do it again!


Moon Called


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