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Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind (Planet Nerak, Book 1) by Karen Kelley

This was a fun book! It’s about an alien, Mala, from the planet of Nerak, an all female, small planet that has completely taken the male gene out of reproduction. The Elders harvest eggs from selected Nerakian females, then they deliver the female infant at a later date for all household members to raise. They also create robot “companions” to fulfill their sexual needs as well as any other need that may come up. Also, on Nerak there is no pain, they consume pills as food and drink a smoothie when they become upset.

Mala decides she has had enough. She takes an aeroplane and travels to Earth. Her grandmother once lived on Earth, kept a journal, and even had a documentary, which was actually a porn movie, so she knew what to expect.

She crash landed on Sheriff Mason’s land in Texas. Mason was quick to help Mala. She’s quick to tell him she’s from another galaxy but he thinks she as amensia and a weird sense of humor. It’s classic scenes that unfold since she is not familiar with Earth. Not to mention that when she gets upset she sends off electrical waves of some sort that cause the power to go out and electrical devices to break.

It’s a fast paced book with lots of humor and sexy scenes. Mala is easy to like and her companion Burton is even easier to like! Looking forward to reading the next book in the series at a later date.


Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind


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