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25 Years Old

Today was my birthday!
I celebrated by taking the day off of work and crashing at home today, with Madison.
I played a little bit of WoW and that’s about it.

Lovely cards from Madison and Patrick
$30 cash from father-in-law
$25 iTunes from Kevin & Lori
$30 nail salon gift card from Mom-in-law
$30 gift card from Mom-in-law
Tank top and pjs from my sister Jennifer
fixings to make a complete spaghetti dinner from my Mom
2 quarts of Edy’s ice cream from Patrick (yeah, he’s not so great at the whole gift thing but I had a bowl of ice cream tonight and it was good)

Overall it was a good day. I’m going to end it by reading a bit from my newest book.

I’d have to say the best gift I’ve received, even though it wasn’t given as such, was:

from my co-worker Eliza. It’s an ARC of Stephenie Meyer’s upcoming adult release. I’m afraid to read it cause I will just want more Stephenie and there isn’t any!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for the gifts!


Wife, mother of a nearly 7 year old daughter named Madison and new baby boy Riley. Avid reader on my Amazon Kindle. World of Warcraft and CS:S gamer.

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