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Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber

This was an amazing book. I’d classify it as a historical, paranormal romance. The main character Nick, is the oldest of 3 brothers who has been asked to locate the daughters of the King of Satyr land. Nicholas finds Jane posing as a fortuneteller, weds her, and ultimately falls in love with her at the end of the book. What’s different about Nicholas and his brothers is when the full moon beckons they morph into satyrs, at which time they spring a second male appendage. This makes for an interesting mating session for Nick and his new wife who insists on being Nick’s wife and his mistress. Nick has a very needy sexual appetite.

The point of the book is for Jane to be protected by Nicholas through breeding with him. She has to battle with her human family, which really aren’t blood relations.

I’ve already began the second story of this trilogy and it’s proving to be even more interesting. And by interesting I mean kinky.


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Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr
Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr (Kindle Edition)
by Elizabeth Amber
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