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Mana Potion!

I’m so ordering some of these. They are just too cool for school.

Patrick, Kevin, and I have started playing WoW again. We plan to have a marathon this weekend. These will help!

I purchased a 6 pack of these from They arrived soiled. Well, they leaked causing quite the mess and at least one bottle was nearly empty and another was half empty. I did contact and they gave me a partial refund ($10 of the $20 so I was happy).
The taste wasn’t all that great. Since it’s a low amount of fluid it was syrupy and tart. Not terrible but I’m glad it was any bigger. The effect of the drink was good. It did make me more alert, not hyper or shaky in the least. I wouldn’t say it lasted 24 hours but it did last most of the day, and we drank it around 11am or so.

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Mana Energy Potion

Mana Energy Potion

An immense power up in a tiny bottle

Everyone knows Mana gives you a big magic boost. Before now, that boost has been limited to virtual worlds and role playing games. But after casting a level 39 Spell of Epic Summoning, we finally have some Mana for realz. Each tiny 1.35oz potion bottle has as much kick as two 8oz energy drinks. Yeah, you read that right: one shot will keep you alert and ready to battle anything life or the afterlife can throw at you (and it’s dang tasty, too).

Mana Junkie

Undead rebellion? Chug some Mana. Invading Horde? Chug some Mana. All night game-a-thon? Chug some Mana. Extreme coding fracas? Chug some Mana. Bladder overflowing? Well…go pee. And then, chug some MANA!

Depleted magic points, journeyers? For mere gold pieces…

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