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Jacob: The Nightwalkers, Book 1 by Jacquelyn Frank

I started this book last night hoping it would be much better than the previous book I was reading. It is much better. I really like a strong dominate male role in my romance novels. And I love the paranormal aspect as well.

Jacob is a Demon Enforcer. Apparently when the moon is full or nearly full the “demons” act crazy, usually lust crazy. So Jacob is responsible for tracking and enforcing the laws of the demons to keep others from feeding their lust cravings.

He just meet Isabella, who seems to be a normal mortal woman, who can actually sense other demons. I haven’t figured her out too much. I do know that she has perked Jacob’s interest which is probably not normal for him since he is the enforcer. Should be pretty interesting. So far, so good!

UPDATED: 02/13/08
Just finished this book this morning. What an amazing book! It’s totally comparable to J.R. Ward’s Blackdagger series, which I loved to death! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, which I’m going to start right now!

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Jacob:  The Nightwalkers
Jacob: The Nightwalkers (Kindle Edition)
by Jacquelyn Frank
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