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Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh

This book was recommended by author Gena Showalter. She put an excerpt of the book on her blog. It got me hooked!

I’m on chapter 15 already and it’s a great story. Clay is a changling and he swifts into a leopard. Talin, a girl, is his long lost bff, who was witness to Clay murdering her very abusive foster father. After Clay was taken away to juvie for the murder, Talin asked Social Services to tell Clay that she was killed in a car accident. Clay went off to join a Pack after he was released from juvie. He’s lived alone in his lair but his Pack is very much a part of his life. They refuse to let him sulk.

Talin has gone on to find a loving foster family, graduate from college, to her perfect job as a social worker for underprivileged children aged 11 – 16. Until recently her children have gone missing later to be found murdered. She is seeking Clay’s help in finding her latest stolen child Jon.

Of course there’s something going on with Clay and Talin. They have such a chemistry since they were best friends when little. She was 3 and he was 9 when they first met. And to top it off Talin has some sort of brain diese that causes her to have episodes of her talking like a 6 year old. Strange.

Knowing I’m only 1/3 of the way through this book I’m so excited! This is the kind of book I crave. Lots of action, faced paced, with complex character’s I just grow to love. With a little bit of fantasy thrown into it all! Did I mention that Clay lives in the trees?! He built his home like a freakin tree house! Love it!

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Mine to Possess
Mine to Possess (Kindle Edition)
by Nalini Singh
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