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I had a great Thanksgiving! I took a whole week off and enjoyed staying home with Madison.

We had Shawna, Rob, and Efrim stay with us over the holiday. It was tons of fun. The kids played together very well. We took them to the park nearly everyday.

We had dinner at Uncle Dee and Aunt Nicki’s house with most of the family. It was great. Patrick, Shawna, Rob, and I made TONS of mashed potatoes for the dinner.

We also had Ed and Kim over to our house to enjoy an evening of chicken corn soup, blueberry muffins, and board games.

We’re ready to kick off for the next holiday: Christmas!!!


Wife, mother of a nearly 7 year old daughter named Madison and new baby boy Riley. Avid reader on my Amazon Kindle. World of Warcraft and CS:S gamer.

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