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J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Amazing books! Enough said.
The first book “Dark Lover” is the beginning of an incredible cast of complex and alluring characters. The Black Dagger Brotherhood are a group of five vampire warriors who are out to protect their race against their enemies known as lessers, which are humans who have essentially sold their soul to the devil known as the Omega. The lessers walk during the day as normal people trying to recruit more to serve the Omega. They are known to smell sickenly sweet like baby powder.

The Brotherhood warriors are Wrath, Vishous, Phury, Rhage, and Zsadis.
The books are written to concentrate primarily on one warrior as the lead character but all are included in each book.
Dark Lover = Wrath, falls in love with a half breed, Beth, daughter of Darius. Wrath is the King of their race.

Lover Eternal = Rhage, deals with his curse of the dragon, falling in love with a human woman, Mary.

Lover Awakened = Zsadist, scarred twin brother of Phury deals with brutal past as a sex slave, his connection with his brother, and of course falls in love with another vampire Bella.

Lover Revealed = Butch, a human cop that was trying to save Beth from being harmed by Wrath in the first book has become a major character. He’s become best friends with Vishous, fallen in love with Wrath’s first shellan, Marissa, and of course there’s something about Butch that needs to be explained…

Lover Unbound = Vishous, a very kinky vampire who does some major self discovery is named Primale, only to turn it down for the love of a human doctor, Jane.

Lover Enshrined (Not yet released)= Phury, twin brother of Zsadist, is celibate but in love with his brothers shellan, Bella, but is now taking the role of Primale from Vishous. His role of Primale is to ensure the bloodline of future Brotherhood warriors by procreating.

This series is so fast paced, totally kick ass action packed. And of course there are some major sex scenes.

I’m totally in love with all of the characters. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. And I don’t see that as being a last book either.


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