January 6th, 2015

Damon Braces in 3 days!

Book lovers, please excuse these personal blog posts covering my journey with braces. Unless, of course, you are interested!

A few months ago I committed to correcting my teeth. Many never would have thought that my teeth were a sensitive subject of mine but they are and have been from a very young age.

Take these school portrait pictures for example.

000 Jessica Kindergarten


001 Jessica 1st Grade

1st Grade

002 Jessica 2nd Grade

2nd Grade

003 Jessica 3rd Grade

3rd Grade

004 Jessica 4th Grade

4th Grade

005 Jessica 5th Grade

5th Grade

007 Jessica 7th Jennifer 3rd Grade

7th Grade


Up until 4th grade I had a massive cheese going on. 5th grade I was like, “nope, not happening again this year”; maybe the crazy vest made up for it though? Couldn’t find my 6th grade picture but I was back to a big toothy smile in 7th grade with my little sister Jennifer. By then I seemed to have grown into my large smile but still had issues with showing too much gum.

I have since mastered that issue by controlling just how much I smile. That is not fun and no one should feel like they need to limit their smile for fear of showing too much gum or funky teeth but we still do. I am 31 and I have had enough with feeling bad about my teeth and smile.

Many people have vocalized their confusion as to why I think I need braces. “Your teeth are fine.” they say. The simplest answer is because I do. :P I need it for myself. It is not a want, it is a need. I need it for my emotional health. Yes, there are also physical health benefits as well such as correcting my bite. I also have a slight issue with TMJ that braces will help fix once my bite is realigned. I also have overcrowding on top and bottom, which cause the hated issue of food continuously getting stuck in my teeth causing a whole other issue I hate dealing with in public. But mostly I need to be able to feel comfortable with smiling. I need to feel good about my teeth. Because right now I do not.

The orthodontist I selected was based on the location of offices and word of mouth. Dr. Toothman of Toothman Orthodontics is based in Frederick Maryland but also has an office in Hagerstown. They offer a variety of orthodontics but I have selected to go with the Damon System utilizing the Damon Clear brackets on my top 6 front teeth and the metal Damon brackets on the remaining teeth. I initially wanted to do Invisalign but since they are removable I decided I did not want to potentially waste my money because I am a known quitter.

I plan to do vlogs (video blogs) to update my progress with the Damon braces. I hope to start them after my braces are put on and monthly or so afterwards.

My braces go on Friday, January 09, 2015 at 8:30 am. I am excited!

Here are my before braces pictures. Click to see a larger picture! Wish me luck!

2014-11-18 Initial Exam-Composite


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