Prodigy: A Legend Novel by Marie Lu

Published: 2013-01-29 | Putnam Juvenile

384 pages | Price: $17.99 (

This is book two of Marie Lu’s Legend Series. I LOVED the first book (my review). So I won’t post the summary but you can check it out on Goodreads!

Also, you can read the first chapter on USA Today.

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November 29th, 2011

Review: Legend (#1) by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

November 29, 2011, Putnam Juvenile, 336 pages

$12.23 (


ARC received from publisher.

My Grade

Plot: 5

Setting: 5

Writing: 5

Originality: 5

Characters: 5

Romance: 5

Overall: 30/30! Amazing!

Title/Cover Bonus: 5


Action packed dystopia of a corrupted government uncovered by two strong willed teens who overcome it all together in both body and soul.

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