May 13th, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

To all the mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you had a great day spending it as you wished. Hopefully that was with your children surrounding you if they’re at home or at least spending some quality time with them.

Today I had a great day with my two beautiful children and my amazing husband of almost 10 years! I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I  stopped by my parents house and spent a couple hours with my mom just catching up. We live in the same town and you’d think we saw each other a lot more than we actually do. We both live very busy lives working full-time and taking care of our families. I’m just glad to be able to take the time to visit when it’s most important.

One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day 2012”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! Glad to hear you had a great day. My kid (4) didn’t really know what was going on, but after he saw that adorable google doodle, he was hugging and kissing me all day long :)

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