September 25th, 2010

Oh Baby!

Thought I’d fill you all in on the topic of our household!

We’re expecting baby # 2! After 3 years of hoping for another baby it’s finally happened.

We went for our first appointment yesterday. All is well!

Baby is measuring in at 9 weeks, has a strong heart beat and was moving around a lot.

Baby Kennedy #2

Lilypie Maternity tickers
Our due date is technically May 3 but with the early measurements being above we’re told it could be as early as April 29th.

I’ve been really tired and not doing much of anything except eating and sleeping. I’ve been reading a bit but not too much more than before. I can’t wait for a few more weeks to go by so I can get my energy back!

I hope you all are doing well! I’ll keep you updated as we go along.

23 Responses to “Oh Baby!”

  1. Awesome! MY anniversary is on April 28th. Congrats, Jess! May you have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby (boy).

  2. Thanks Lacey!!

  3. Aww yay! Congratz!!! My baby is now almost 8 months and I can’t believe how fast time goes. We also have a four year old that will be five in December. I joke around about having another baby, but I don’t think I can do it again hahha. My two boys are good!

    Wishing you guys the best! Having a new baby is so much fun! (Even more fun if they sleep through the night haha)

  4. Thanks Dee! We were lucky with our first who slept through the night almost immediately. I had terrible morning sickness when I was pregnant with her though and so far I’ve only gotten queasy with this one!

  5. Congratulations!!! Wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months :)

  6. Thanks so much! :)

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Thanks Robin!

  9. Congrats on the new addition….

  10. Thanks so much!

  11. Congrats.

  12. Thanks Jessica!

  13. How exciting! Congrats!

  14. Thanks Leigh Ann!

  15. Congrats!!!!!!

  16. Thanks Jennie!

  17. Congratulations!!

  18. Thanks Tara!

  19. You’re welcome!!

  20. Congratulations! All three of my kids were due between mid April and early May. It’s a great time to have a baby :) I hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months!

  21. Thanks Christie! So far, so good! Just tired but it seems to be dissipating a little in the evenings!

  22. Congratulations!! (Obviously I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogs but better late than never.) I just had to send you good wishes though. I hope you’re feeling well and I look forward to all of the reports! :)
    I have a late April bday and it’s a great time of year!

  23. Thanks so much Wrighty! :)

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